Safety Kid is Thankful for Being Safe

Safety Kid was walking through the park at Storyland. It was a warm autumn day. Safety Kid saw some children playing on the set of swings. He smiled as he watched them because each and every one of those children were playing safely.

“That makes me so happy,” said Safety Kid. “Obviously the children here are paying attention to my messages about safety.”

Safety Kid thought about how he was able to keep the characters of Storyland safe. He knew he had a very important job to do.

“I don’t even want to think about what Storyland would be like if I wasn’t here to keep everyone safe,” said Safety Kid.

Safety Kid walked home from the park and sat down to eat his Thanksgiving dinner.

“I am thankful for safety,” said Safety Kid, when he was asked what he was thankful for. “I am thankful that I am safe and I am thankful that the characters of Storyland are safe.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Safety is very important.
  • Example: Safety Kid keeps the characters of Storyland safe.
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