Jackie Jester and Clothes Too Small

“Jackie,” said Mother, taking his empty cereal bowl to the kitchen sink. “You better go get dressed for school.”

“Yes Mother,” said Jackie Jester, getting up from the table and going upstairs to his bedroom.

Mother had Jackie’s clothes all laid out on his bed for him. What Jackie didn’t know was Mother switched his clothes to clothes that were too small for him.

“This will be such a good April Fool’s Day prank,” laughed Mother.

Jackie grabbed the t-shirt from his bed. He could barely get it over his head.

“That is strange,” thought Jackie.

Jackie grabbed the pair of pants that Mother had laid out on his bed for him. He put them on but he noticed they were too tight and that they came up to his knees.

“What is going on?” thought Jackie to himself. “All my clothes are too small. They fit me fine yesterday.”

Jackie just happened to glance at the calendar on his wall. He noticed that it was April 1st.

“Mother is playing an April Fool’s Day prank on me,” laughed Jackie.

Jackie had an idea. He went into his mother’s closet and took out a pair of shoes that he knew were too small for her. He took them downstairs and switched them with the pair of shoes she had by the front door.

Jackie stood behind the staircase and waited for Mother. After Mother had done the breakfast dishes, she went to put her shoes on and when she realized they were too small for her, she started laughing.

“April Fool’s!” laughed Jackie, peaking his head out from around the corner of the staircase.

“Oh!” laughed Mother. “You caught me at my own game!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It can be fun playing innocent pranks.
  • Example: Mother switched Jackie Jester’s clothes for clothes that were too small for him.

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