“E” is for Easter

“It is Easter,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘E’ is for Easter.”

“Yes it is,” said Easter Lily, Alphabet Allie’s friend. “Easter is early this year. ‘E’ is for early.”

“There is that lady who lives at the eastern edge of the garden,” said Alphabet Allie, noticing a lady coming out of her house. “‘E’ is for eastern and edge.”

“She is an eccentric lady,” said Easter Lily. “‘E’ is for eccentric.”

“Are you sure she is eccentric?” asked Alphabet Allie. “Or is she evil? ‘E’ is for evil.”

“I don’t think she is evil,” said Easter Lily. “I noticed the earth in her garden is too evenly spread out and she drives an electric scooter. ‘E’ is for earth, evenly and electric.”

“Happy Easter,” waved the eccentric lady pulling up in her electric scooter. “I have some Easter treats for you to eat. ‘E’ is for eat.”

“Thank you,” said Easter Lily. “Happy Easter.”

“We will enjoy them,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘E’ is for enjoy. Happy Easter.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t judge people harshly.
  • Example: Easter Lily and Alphabet Allie were trying to figure out if a lady was eccentric or evil.
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