Jackie Jester and the Safe Prank

It was April Fool’s Day. Jackie Jester was trying to think of a prank he could play on his mother. He wanted to put coloured soap in the kitchen sink so there would be coloured bubbles when his mother did the dishes.

“Mother will love that prank,” said Jackie to himself. “I do have to make sure the prank is safe though.”

“I can help you with that,” said a voice from behind him.

“Safety Kid!” exclaimed Jackie, turning around to see who was talking to him. “I would love it if you could help me make this prank safe.”

“It would be my pleasure,” said Safety Kid.

Jackie explained the prank to Safety Kid. He explained how much his mother would love it.

“This prank will not only be very safe,” said Safety Kid. “It will also be very easy to do. All you will need is some food colouring.”

Jackie went into the kitchen and found some food colouring. He decided he wanted to use the blue food colouring.

“All you have to do is put a few drops of the food colouring into the dish soap bottle,” said Safety Kid.

“Is that all I have to do?” asked Jackie.

“Yes,” said Safety Kid. “That is how easy this prank is.”

Mother came home from work and filled the sink with water. She added the dish soap to the water. She started to laugh when the bubbles were blue in colour.

“April Fool’s,” said Jackie, laughing.

“Oh Jackie!” laughed Mother. “That was a very good but safe prank you played.”

“I had help from my friend Safety Kid,” said Jackie.

“Thank you both,” said Mother, still laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always make sure your pranks are safe.
  • Example: Safety Kid made sure Jackie Jester’s prank was safe.
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