Golden Christmas Goose – Christmas Story

“Well this is a pleasant surprise,” said Lost Christmas Tree, seeing Golden Christmas Goose standing beside him. “Welcome to the Christmas Building.”

Golden Christmas Goose flapped her wings.

“I have a Christmas gift for you,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “However, I have been having problems with Christmas this year. I don’t feel right just handing the gifts out. Christmas feels lost to me this year. There are some Storyland characters that don’t know the meaning of Christmas or haven’t done any good deeds this year. What does Christmas mean to you and what good deed have you done this past year?”

Golden Christmas Goose saw a mother walking up the street with her children.

“Family,” said Golden Christmas Goose. “Christmas is all about family.”

“I do understand about your family,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “Your siblings rejected you because of your golden colour.”

“Yes,” said Golden Christmas Goose. “My mother had to make a huge sacrifice. She let Santa Claus raise me. She was afraid I would starve because my siblings wouldn’t let me eat with them.”

“What about a good deed?” asked Lost Christmas Tree. “What good deed have you done this year?”

A different woman with children walked by. They were happy and laughing.

“That woman found one of my golden eggs,” explained Golden Christmas Goose. “Look how happy they are. Anyone who finds my golden eggs will have good luck. Just days ago, this poor woman almost had to live on the streets with her children. My golden egg changed their lives for the better.”

“That is so beautiful,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “I can clearly see that they are definitely happy.”

Lost Christmas Tree gave Golden Christmas Goose her Christmas gift.

“Thank you,” said Golden Christmas Goose. “Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas to you as well,” said Lost Christmas Tree.


Moral of this Story:

  • We all wish we could find a golden egg.
  • Example: A woman and her children had found Golden Christmas Goose’s golden egg. It changed their lives forever.

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