A Cat’s Christmas

“Oh dear!” cried Mother, hearing a ton of noise in the living room. “It is 1:00 am in the morning. What are those crazy cats of mine up too?”

Mother grabbed her housecoat and went to see what was going on. Both Arrow and Cutie heard her coming up the hallway, so they both ran over to the Christmas tree and when she turned on the living room light, they were both sitting under the Christmas tree, looking so innocent.

“We aren’t opening our Christmas gifts at 1:00 am,” said Mother. “You two have been terrorizing the living room.”

Mother picked up a strand of tinsel that was laying on the floor under Cutie’s two front paws. Then she picked up a Christmas decoration that was laying under Arrow’s tail.

“You two may look innocent sitting there under the tree,” laughed Mother. “However, I know different.”

Mother saw other evidence her two cats were full of devilry. There was a parcel under the tree that was missing a good chunk of wrapping paper in one corner of it. There was also a ribbon completely undone on another parcel.

“Okay you two,” said Mother, clapping her hands together. “You two have had more than enough fun. Now, off to bed you go!”

Both cats knew they were in trouble. They ran to their beds as fast as their furry little bottoms would let them go.

Mother woke up at 7:00 am. She turned the lights to the Christmas tree on, put some Christmas music on, put some food in the cats dishes and was surprised that they weren’t awake yet.

“Typical cats,” said Mother laughing when she saw the two of them still sleeping. “They play all night and then sleep all day.”

Mother kissed both of them and covered them up.

“Merry Christmas sleepyheads,” laughed Mother.


Moral of this Story:

  • Cats do tend to play all night and sleep all day.
  • Example: Arrow and Cutie woke Mother up at 1:00 am on Christmas morning. They wanted to open their Christmas gifts.

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