Cold Weather

Bright Idea grabbed his winter coat and backpack and went outside to wait for his school bus. It was a bitterly cold winter day in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

“I knew it was cold today,” said Bright Idea, setting his backpack on the ground and quickly zipping up his winter coat. “But I had no idea it was going to be this cold.”

“Bright Idea,” called Grandma from the front porch. “School is cancelled. Come back inside.”

Bright Idea did as he was told. He stood in the kitchen and as the warm air hit him, he began to fog up.

“Oh dear,” said Grandma, grabbing a towel and trying to clear up the fog on Bright Idea.” I guess these are the challenges we face when a child turns into a light bulb.”

“Grandma,” said Bright Idea. “Whose bright idea was it to have such cold weather?”

“Certainly not mine,” said Grandma. “But, our world revolves on us having such diverse weather and do you know why?”

“Well,” said Bright Idea. “I know in the winter we need snow to help put moisture back into the soil. In order to have snow, we do have to have cold weather.”

“That is very true,” said Grandma. “you sure are a bright young boy.”

“Thank you,” said Bright Idea. “I am hungry. When is lunch?”

“Being turned into a light bulb did not curb your appetite,” laughed Grandma. “Come, I will make you some nice warm oatmeal.”

Bright Idea enjoyed himself immensely on his day off school. He was very happy that he was able to spend some quality time with Grandma.


Moral of this Story:

  • We do need cold weather even though we don’t want it.
  • Example: Bright Idea talked to Grandma about why we need cold weather.

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