Fawn’s Bad Mood

”What do you want?” asked Fawn angrily, seeing Spot standing at the doorway to his stall.

”Boy, you’re in a bad mood this morning!” exclaimed Spot.

”Yeah, I am” said Fawn angrily. ”And you know why, too!”

”Oh Fawn!” exclaimed Spot. ”You still aren’t upset because you can’t go to Nanny’s birthday party now, are you?”

”Yes,” said Fawn. ”I am.”

”But why?” asked Spot.

”Because I love Nanny,” said Fawn. ”And now I won’t be able to see her on her birthday.”

”Oh my!” exclaimed Spot.

Spot left the barn. She came across Ricky and Jenny Hansen, who were outside playing.

”How is Fawn this morning?” asked Jenny.

”He is totally miserable,” laughed Spot. ”He is going to be so surprised when Nanny shows up here this afternoon.”

”Oh good,” said Ricky. ”Then our little plan is working.”

Spot went back into the barn and spent the rest of the morning cleaning up and listening to Fawn grumble.

”Why can’t I see Nanny?” asked Fawn.

”I think Nanny is just having the immediate family over,” said Spot.

”And, I’m not immediate family!” exclaimed Fawn angrily. ”Nanny doesn’t love me any more.”

”Why, where did you ever get an idea like that!” exclaimed a very familiar voice in the doorway.

”Nanny!” exclaimed Fawn, crying excitedly. ”Spot, you tricked me!”

”Surprise!” everyone shouted happily, coming into the barn.

Fawn turned around and saw Grampy, Auntie and all the cousins.

”Grampy,” said Fawn. ”Everyone tricked me!”

”I know,” said Grampy, laughing and petting Fawn at the same time. ”It was my idea!”

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