Rainy Summer Day

Grampy’s Little Green Car was in the garage. He could feel dampness on his tires. It was seeping up through the concrete floor. “It must be raining outside,” said Grampy’s Little Green Car. “Now I won ‘t be able to go for a drive. Grampy doesn’t like driving in the rain.” Grampy’s Little Green Car […] Read More

Grampy’s Little Green Car is Jealous

Grampy was in his garage one warm summer morning. He was cleaning out the garage. Grampy’s Little Green Car was watching him.    “Grampy always keeps himself busy,” said Grampy’s Little Green Car to himself. “It is nice to spend time with him. I love Grampy very much.”    Grampy swept the garage floor and […] Read More

Easter Visitor

“Fawn,” said Spot, who was busy cooking in the kitchen. “Can you get the door please?” “I can’t,” said Fawn. “I’m busy right now.” “Well I really think you will want to get the door,” said Spot. “I have the feeling you are going to be very surprised.” “The Easter Bunny has already been here […] Read More