Grampy’s Little Green Car had a Flat Tire

“What a beautiful summer morning,” said Grampy, having his morning cup of coffee and looking out the kitchen window. “It is a nice day to go for a drive.”

Grampy took his car keys off the hook on the kitchen wall. He went out to the garage and when he saw his 1932 Model A Ford sitting there, he beamed with pride.

“You are such a beautiful looking car,” said Grampy, running his hand up and down the front fender. “I am so lucky to have you.”

Grampy got into the car and started it up. He sat for a moment, listening to the engine purr like a kitten.

“I love the way you sound,” said Grampy, running his fingers on the dash. “And to think I pretty much built you from scratch.”

Grampy loved his little green car more than anything in this world. He had a lot of fun over the years, fixing it up. His little green car had been very good to him over the years with just a handful of minor breakdowns.

Grampy pulled the little green car out of the driveway. He was so excited to be going for a drive. However, something wasn’t right. The little green car seemed different.

“What is going on?” asked Grampy to himself, trying to think about what was wrong with his little green car.

Grampy popped the hood and got out of the car. He propped the hood open and checked everything under the hood. Everything seemed fine, so he put the hood back down. Then he looked over at the front tire.

“Oh dear,” said Grampy. “A flat tire! That is what is wrong with the car.”

Grampy went into the garage, grabbed the jack, tire iron and spare tire and changed the tire.

“I am so ashamed,” said Grampy’s Little Green Car to himself. “Grampy was looking so forward to going for a drive. I was too. I love going for drives with Grampy.”

It didn’t take long and Grampy had the tire changed. He then checked the rest of the tires. They seemed to be in really good shape.

“So,” said Grampy, rolling the bad tire back into the garage. “You are the culprit.”

Grampy took a pair of pliers out of his back pocket and pulled out a six inch nail from the tire.

“No wonder the tire was flat,” said Grampy.

Grampy’s Little Green Car felt so much better knowing that the flat tire wasn’t his fault. He never wanted to disappoint Grampy in any way.

Grampy checked the garage floor and the driveway just to make sure there were no more nails that he could run over. He didn’t want to run over any more. Grampy put his tools away and then he took the little green car for a long drive.

“I am glad the tire blew at home and not way out in the middle of nowhere,” said Grampy. “It is so much easier to change the tire at home.”

The little green car agreed with Grampy. He would have been unhappy to see Grampy changing a tire out in the middle of nowhere.

Grampy and his little green car had fun that day on their long drive and it was quite sometime before Grampy had to change another tire.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is so much nicer to change a tire at home instead of in the middle of nowhere.
  • Example: Luckily for Grampy, the Little Green Car had a flat tire at home in the garage.

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