The Blue Monster

Once upon a time there lived a monster in the woods. Usually, the monster was very happy but sometimes he was sad. When the monster was a happy monster he was green in colour but when he was sad, he was blue. 

One bright summer day, the monster woke up green in colour but about an hour later, he turned blue. He sat in the sun and looked at the colour of his fur on his arms, hands and stomach. 

“I guess I am sad,” said the monster to himself. “I don’t even know why I am sad.” 

The monster sat down on his favourite rock by the river and the thought hard about the reasons he might be sad. He looked around the forest and all he could see were things that made him happy. 

He saw the beautiful river, he saw the beautiful trees and he saw many beautiful animals in the forest. 

“All these things should make me happy,” said the monster. “But, I am not happy. I am sad.” 

The monster looked over his shoulder and he saw two chipmunks sitting under a huge oak tree. The two chipmunks looked like they were very happy. There were talking back and forth to each other. They looked like they were friends. 

“Maybe that is why I am not happy,” said the monster. “I don’t have any friends. Everyone in the forest is afraid of me. I think I need a friend.” 

The monster walked slowly over to where the two chipmunks were. 

“Can I be your friend?” asked the monster. “I don’t have any friends.” 

“I don’t see why not,” said one of the chipmunks. “We can be your friend.” 

“Really,” said the monster, happily, noticing his fur changing colour to green. “You have made me so happy.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Value the friends you have.
  • Example: Blue Monster realized he didn’t have any friends and that was the reason he was sad.

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