Trickster Bunny Plays a Trick on his Mother

It was a warm summer day and Trickster Bunny was in the kitchen. His mother was trying to think of what she could make for dinner for her eleven children.

“I think carrot stew would be a good idea,” said Mother.

“I will pick the carrots,” said Trickster.

“You promise you will come straight home with the carrots,” said Mother.

“Of course,” said Trickster.

“You know you are grounded for playing a trick on your sisters yesterday,” said Mother. “This better not be a trick to go outside and play.”

“No trick,” said Trickster. “I will go pick the carrots and come straight home.”

Trickster went outside and instead of going to pick the carrots from the garden closest to their den, he went across the road. The carrots across the road were much bigger.

While Trickster was picking the carrots, Mother went outside to get some onions. She had to walk quite a distance to where the onions were growing. She didn’t see Trickster so, she immediately though that he was off playing somewhere instead of getting the carrots. She was getting very angry at the though of him not doing as he was told.

She picked some onions and then also picked some carrots because she didn’t think Trickster was going to get any.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mother, when she went home and saw That Trickster actually was at home and he did pick some carrots and even an onion. “I thought you would actually be out playing. I am so happy that you actually did as you were told.”

“I played a good trick on you,” said Trickster, laughing.

“Yes,” said Mother. “You sure did. Now, because you were so good, you can go outside and play for a little while.”

Trickster was very happy that he got to go and enjoy the warm sunshine.

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