Warm Summer Days on the Open Seas

“Let’s get this ship out into the ocean,” said Pirate Pete to his crew, Slappy and Rusty. “The sun is shining and it is a beautiful warm summer day.”

“We have to mop the deck,” said Slappy.

“Why wasn’t that done already?” asked Pirate Pete. “What have you been doing all morning?”

“I cleaned out the hull,” said Rusty.

“I got the masts all repaired,” said Slappy. “They were damaged pretty badly from the storms and high winds from our last trip.”

“That was a pretty severe storm that we had,” said Pirate Pete. “Let’s get the deck scrubbed. You have two hours.”

Pirate Pete handed the mops, soap and buckets to Slappy and Rusty. They quickly went to work scrubbing the deck.

“There has to be a reason why Pirate Pete wants to get this ship out on the ocean waters quickly,” said Slappy, when he noticed Pirate Pete went below the deck. “Maybe it’s a girl.”

“You think Pirate Pete is in love,” said Rusty.

“Could be,” said Slappy. “There is a reason he wants to get out on the ocean.”

“Wouldn’t he stay ashore if he has a new lady?” asked Rusty.

“Maybe,” said Slappy. “Unless his new lady is coming with us.”

“If that is the case,” said Rusty. “We’d better get this deck cleaned up.”

Slappy and Rusty worked hard and had the deck sparkling when Pirate Pete came back up on deck.

“Are we ready to sail this ship?” asked Pirate Pete.

“We are,” said Slappy.

“But where is your new girl?” asked Rusty.

“How did you know that I am bringing a girl onto the ship?” asked Pirate Pete.

“We guessed it,” said Slappy, giving Rusty an evil look for mentioning the girl at all.

“Well for your information,” said Pirate Pete. “The new girl is my mother.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Slappy. “We are going to have the best meals ever!”

Slappy and Rusty both knew that Pirate Pete’s mother would take over the kitchen while she was on the ship. She was such a good cook.

“I just thought about something,” said Rusty. “We’d better hide the rum.”

“I already took care of it,” said Pirate Pete. “That is what I was doing when I went down below.”

“I still remember when your Mother dumped the rum barrels overboard the last time she was here,” laughed Slappy.

“I remember that too,” said Rusty. “Pirate Pete jumped into the ocean after them.”

“At least I was able to save one of them,” said Pirate Pete.

“Yes,” agreed Slappy. “That is true.”

“Whatever you two do,” said Pirate Pete. “Do not mention to Mother that there is any rum aboard this ship.”

“Rum!” Pirate Pete’s Mother just overheard as she stepped onto the deck of the ship. “Hand it over now or this ship is going nowhere.”

“We don’t have any rum here,” said Pirate Pete.

“I just overheard the whole conversation,” said Pirate Pete’s Mother. “Now, hand it over.”

“Yes Mother,” said Pirate Pete.

Pirate Pete, Slappy and Rusty took the barrels of rum off the ship. His mother searched the whole ship from top to bottom but could not find any more rum.

Later that night, Pirate Pete, Slappy and Rusty were on the deck. Mother was sleeping.

“So where did you hide the rum?” asked Rusty. “There must be one barrel of rum somewhere.”

“I hid it in the spare bedroom,” said Pirate Pete.

“That is where your Mother is sleeping,” said Slappy.

“She was supposed to take my cabin,” said Pirate Pete, angrily. “Great, no rum for us.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to respect your Mother’s wishes.
  • Example: Mother did not want Pirate Pete to drink rum. She had them remove it all.
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