Summer Rains

Silly Snake was standing in his den in knee deep water. He was taking buckets of water and carrying them up the stairs. He then emptied them out in a ditch across the road. It was a long, hard job but he had to get the water out of his den somehow.

“I sure wish the rain would stop,” said Silly Snake. “This is the rainiest summer I have ever seen.”

Silly Snake moved to Calgary, Alberta at the beginning of Spring 2016. Spring was unusually warm and dry but as soon as the first day of summer rolled around the skies opened up and they never stopped. It rained the whole month of July and so far, the first week of August.

“These water buckets seem to be getting heavier and the water level in my den seems to be rising,” said Silly Snake. “All this hard work is not doing anything.”

On the way back to the den, Silly Snake noticed a long garden hose laying in the ditch.

“I could drain the water out with this hose so much faster,” said Silly Snake picking up the hose and carrying it back to his den.

In no time at all Silly Snake had the water drained out.

“That is better,” said Silly Snake.

Silly Snake rolled up the hose and he was going to take it back to where he found it but then he took a look up at the clouds. He felt a raindrop on his nose and then it started pouring again.

“Is it ever going to stop?” asked Silly Snake.

A few days later, the sun came out and it was so hot.

“Now,” said Silly Snake, enjoying the hot weather. “This is summer. I love this and I hope it doesn’t rain for awhile.”

That was short-lived because the very next day, Silly Snake was back to pumping water out of his den.

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