No Bran

The Angry Baker was trying different recipes for different types of baked goods. It was a rainy summer day, so it was a good day to experiment.

“I want to make a healthy, but good tasting cookie,” said the Angry Baker to himself. “All of the cookies I currently have taste good but they are far from being healthy.”

The Angry Baker added a pinch of this and a pinch of that to his cookie batter. He tasted it but it was too bland.

“It needs something else,” said Angry Baker.

The Angry Baker saw a box of bran on the shelf above his head. He sprinkled a little bit, tasted it, and sprinkled a little bit more into it.

“That’s it!” exclaimed Angry Baker. “That is the perfect cookie. It tastes good and is good and healthy too.”

Angry Baker worked hard that day baking cookie after cookie. The bakeshop smelled so good too. It was driving the customers crazy.

“What is that smell?” asked Mrs. Smith, one of Angry Baker’s best customers.

“That is my new healthy cookie,” said Angry Baker, proudly. “Try one.”

“I must have two dozen of them,” said Mrs. Smith. “They are so good.”

Angry Baker sold out of his healthy new cookie in a few hours.

“These cookies are a hit,” said Angry Baker, happily. “I must bake some more of them.”

Angry Baker baked all afternoon. Every new batch of his new healthy cookie sold out within minutes of coming out of the oven. Soon, he ran out of his special ingredient, bran.

“I need to order some more bran,” said Angry Baker to the receptionist at his suppliers, Melissa.

“We are all out of bran,” said Melissa.

“What do you mean you are all out of bran?” screamed Angry Baker. “I need some and I need it right now!”

Angry Baker was so angry. He had the perfect recipe for the perfect healthy cookie and that cookie was flying off the shelf and now, he can’t get any bran. This was not acceptable.

“Melissa,” said Angry Baker. “I need bran for these new healthy cookies. They are flying off the shelf.”

“I would love a healthy cookie,” said Melissa. “I will see what I can do. The rain this year has ruined the bran crop.”

“Thank you,” said Angry Baker.

Angry Baker called around to every supply shop and grocery store in the city. There was not a drop of bran to be found.

“This is insane!” yelled Angry Baker. “How can the whole city be out of bran?”

The more he thought about the bran situation the angrier he got.

“Never has anyone run out of bran,” screamed Angry Baker. “Just because I now need it, there isn’t any to be found. Ridiculous!”

There was a knock at the bakeshop delivery door. There was a delivery truck unloading a few sacks of bran. Melissa got out of the passenger seat of the truck once Angry Baker answered the door.

“Melissa!” exclaimed Angry Baker. “I thought you didn’t have any bran.”

“I found these in the corner of our warehouse,” said Melissa.

“Thank you so much,” said Angry Baker. “I am sorry for my outburst earlier. How can I make it up to you?”

“I want to try your new healthy cookie,” said Melissa.

“Coming right up,” said Angry Baker, taking the bran and mixing up a batch of his healthy cookies.

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