Angry Baker’s Christmas Cake

“I have the perfect idea for a special Christmas cake,” said Angry Baker, holding an old beat up recipe card in his hand. “I remember my grandmother making this. It was so light and moist.” “What is it?” asked Angry Baker’s fiancée, Melissa. “Grandmother used to call it Pineapple Heaven Cake,” said Angry Baker. “Just […] Read More

Franny Granny

Franny Granny was in her kitchen contemplating what she was going to do for the day. “I do need to get started on doing some Christmas baking,” said Franny to herself. “But that does mean that I need to go to the mall. I have to buy some flour and I am almost out of […] Read More

Mr. Rubberman Visits Angry Baker

“What are you baking today?” asked Angry Baker’s fiancée, Melissa. “I am baking some chocolate Halloween treats,” said Angry Baker. Melissa got up from the chair she was sitting on. She tripped and she ended up dropping a huge chunk of caramel into Angry Baker’s mixture of chocolate. “What have you done?” screamed Angry Baker, […] Read More

Scrunchie’s Halloween Treats

“Aunt Mabel,” said Scrunchie, seeing his 87 year old, Aunt Mabel, in the kitchen. “What are you baking? It smells so good in here.” “I am baking you an extra special Halloween treat,” said Aunt Mabel. “Oh,” said Scrunchie. “Thank you very much.” Aunt Mabel gave Scrunchie a plate with a slice of his Halloween […] Read More

Angry Baker is Thankful for Melissa

It was the week before the Thanksgiving weekend in Calgary, Alberta. Angry Baker was in his bakery trying to keep up with the many orders he had to prepare. His fiancée, Melissa, was helping him. Angry Baker was thankful for Melissa because he really needed her help.  “I really appreciate you helping me out,” said […] Read More

Sweet Summer Tart

“Come and taste this,” said Grandmother, stirring a pot of sweet berries over an open fire, just outside her cave. “Oh Grandmother,” said Caveman Jack, tasting the bubbly mixture. “That is so tasty.” Grandmother took the hot pot off the fire to let it cool. She took out a well-rounded piece of wood and started […] Read More

Angry Baker’s Mother’s Day Surprise

Angry Baker opened his bakeshop very early one warm morning. He put his apron and his hairnet on. While doing so, he glanced at the calendar that hung on the wall in his office. “Oh my!” exclaimed Angry Baker. “I have been so busy this past few weeks. I didn’t realize that it was Mother’s […] Read More

Angry Baker’s Autumn Treat

“What a beautiful autumn day!” exclaimed Angry Baker, as he opened up his bakery for business. “This kind of day calls for a new baked treat.” Angry Baker thought hard and he wanted something sweet and something gooey. He thought a caramel brownie with chocolate icing would be perfect. “Chocolate icing and caramel mixed together […] Read More

Pumpkin Cookies

It was a cool autumn morning. Angry Baker had just got to the bake shop. He wanted to get an early start on the baking he had to do for the day. He decided he would make a batch of cookies first. Angry Baker wasn’t sure what kind of cookies he was going to make […] Read More

No Bran

The Angry Baker was trying different recipes for different types of baked goods. It was a rainy summer day, so it was a good day to experiment. “I want to make a healthy, but good tasting cookie,” said the Angry Baker to himself. “All of the cookies I currently have taste good but they are […] Read More

The Angry Baker

It was a scorching hot summer day and Allan, the baker, decided he would get a head start on the day. He had a lot of work ahead of him. He was hoping to beat the heat. “It is only six in the morning,” said Allan, wiping the sweat off his forehead. “I can’t believe […] Read More

Sweet Summer Cherry Pie

Billy Troll was in his music recording studio writing a song for his upcoming concert. He couldn’t concentrate because Dianne was in the kitchen baking her famous cherry pie.    “I sure hope I am going to get a piece of that pie,” said Billy, when Dianne came in to check in on him. “The […] Read More