Mother’s Day Baking

“We should do some baking for Mother’s Day,” said Annie.

“We could,” said Jason, her brother. “What will we make?”

“It is Mother’s Day,” said Annie. “We should bake something mother likes.”

“She loves strawberry tarts,” said Jason.

“Yes,” said Annie. “Mother bought a whole bunch of strawberries yesterday.”

Jason and Annie started slicing up the strawberries, being very careful not to cut themselves. Mother Elf walked into the kitchen.

“Oh,” said Mother Elf, seeing that her two children were busy. “What are you making?”

“We are making you some strawberry tarts for Mother’s Day,” said Annie.

“That sounds wonderful,” said Mother Elf. “Would you like some help?”

“We got it,” said Jason, taking some frozen tart shells out of the freezer.

“Okay,” said mother Elf. “I can’t wait to try them.”

Annie and Jason had them finished before lunch. They gave one to Mother Elf on a plate after they had finished eating their sandwiches.

“These are amazing,” said Mother Elf, taking a bite of her strawberry tart.

“Thank you,” said Annie. “Happy Mother’s Day!”

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Jason.

“You two are the best,” said Mother Elf.


Moral of this Story:

  • Baking is a good skill for children to learn.
  • Example: Annie and Jason baked some strawberry tarts for Mother Elf for Mother’s Day.

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