Mother’s Day Freshness

“It is Mother’s Day today,” said Annie, to her brother, Jason. “Mother is sick today. We need to do something special for her.”

“You know,” said Jason. “Mother loves flowers, like she really loves them a lot.”

“That is a wonderful idea,” said Annie.

“Where are we going to get flowers from?” asked Jason. “We don’t have any money and we can’t pick any because it is raining.”

“We can draw some,” said Annie.

“That sounds wonderful,” said Jason.

Jason went to his room and brought a poster board downstairs. Annie and Jason both drew very colourful flowers on the board, complete with bright green leaves and stems.

Once the board was finished, Jason and Annie hung it up in the kitchen.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” shouted Jason and Annie when Mother Elf came into the kitchen.

“Thank you!” cried Mother Elf, seeing the poster board. “Bright fresh flowers for Mother’s Day! This makes me feel so much better.”

“Good,” said Annie. “We are very happy!”

“I am too,” said Mother Elf. “Thank you very much.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Flowers always make a person feel better.
  • Example: Mother Elf was sick so Jason and Annie drew some colourful flowers on a poster board to help make her feel better.

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