Prairie Dog Dance

“I did it again!” shouted Peter Prairie Dog happily. “It is Groundhog Day and I didn’t see my shadow. I am so happy because that means there will be an early spring.”

“I saw my shadow,” complained Gerald Groundhog. “I am not happy about it. The crowd who saw me was not happy about it. I am miserable.”

“Don’t be miserable,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “You didn’t see your shadow last year but I did.”

“Yes,” said Gerald Groundhog. “That is true. We did have an early spring last year.”

“We did,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “Let’s be happy though. Let’s dance!”

“Okay,” said Gerald Groundhog. “I guess it can’t hurt.”

Gerald Groundhog started dancing and Peter Prairie Dog joined in.

“What kind of dancing is that?” laughed Gerald Groundhog, seeing Peter Prairie Dog twirling on his toes. “That is funny.”

“This is a prairie dog dance,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “You should try it. It’s fun.”

“I think I’ll stick to the traditional groundhog dance instead,” said Gerald Groundhog.

“Suit yourself,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “I am just happy you are having fun.”

“I am,” laughed Gerald Groundhog. “I am.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always try to have fun.
  • Example: Peter Prairie Dog got Gerald Groundhog to dance when Gerald Groundhog was sad because he saw his shadow on Groundhog Day.

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