Happy Love

Happy Heart woke up on Valentine’s Day to Valentine Puppy jumping up onto her bed and licking her face.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you,” said Happy Heart, giving Valentine Puppy a big hug. “Come on, I will give make us some breakfast.”

Happy Heart gave Valentine Puppy his breakfast. He was so happy that he ate while wagging his tail.

“I am so happy to have you in my life,” said Happy Heart. “I still remember when I found you behind my garbage can last Valentine’s Day. You are very special to me.”

Valentine Puppy seemed to know what Happy Heart was saying to him. He perked up his fluffy white ears and Happy Heart was sure that she saw him smiling.

“I love you,” said Happy Heart.

Valentine Puppy gave Happy Heart his paw.

“I think we should go for a walk today,” said Happy Heart. “It is actually quite nice out today and I wanted to check on Mrs. Robin. Mrs. Robin is raising her three babies all alone. She has nobody to pay attention to her on Valentine’s Day so I am sure she is feeling a bit sad today.”

Valentine Puppy was so happy. He loved going for walks and he loved Mrs. Robin. She was very kind.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mrs. Robin, seeing Happy Heart and Valentine Puppy walking down the road. “You two sure know how to make everyone smile. It is sure refreshing to see someone so happy.”

“Thank you,” said Happy Heart. “Valentine Puppy makes me very happy. I do hope you are having a good Valentine’s Day.”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Robin. “I certainly am now that I have seen you two.”

“I am glad about that,” said Happy Heart.

Valentine Puppy saw a tulip growing close by. He picked it and brought it to Mrs. Robin.

“That is so beautiful,” said Mrs. Robin, wiping away a tear. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always check up on your single friends on Valentine’s Day to make sure they are okay.
  • Example: Happy Heart and Valentine Puppy went to check up on Mrs. Robin to make sure she was okay on Valentine’s Day.

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