Spreading Love

“It is Valentine’s Day,” said Happy Heart. “Valentine Puppy, I think we need to go see Bright Idea. He is sad about his grandmother. We need to go spread some Valentine’s Day love.”

Valentine Puppy wagged his tail. He was always up for a Valentine’s Day adventure.

“Hello,” said Happy Heart when she and Valentine Puppy knocked on Bright Idea’s front door.

“0h Happy Heart and Valentine Puppy,” said Bright Idea, when he answered the door. “I am so happy you came to help me with my grandma.”

“I am happy to help,” said Happy Heart. “I am here to spread some Valentine’s love and so is Valentine Puppy.”

Valentine Puppy perked up his ears when he heard his name and then he wagged his tail.

“So what has you so concerned with your grandmother?” asked Happy Heart.

“Well,” explained Bright Idea. “Grandma really misses my grandpa. He is no longer with us. She and I were talking about all the good times she and Grandpa used to have on Valentine’s Day and then she became very sad.”

“It sounds like your grandma needs some Valentine’s Day love,” said Happy Heart.

“I agree,” said Bright Idea.

“What kinds of things did your grandma and grandpa do on Valentine’s Day?” asked Happy Heart.

“They used to go out for dinner,” said Bright Idea, suddenly getting a bright idea on how to fix his grandma’s sadness. “Wait a minute! What if I took her out for dinner?”

“I am sure I would love that,” said Grandma, who overheard the conversation with Bright Idea and Happy Heart.

“It is settled then,” said Bright Idea.

Happy Heart and Valentine Puppy knew their job was done. They had helped Bright Idea to spread love on Valentine’s Day to Bright Idea’s Grandma.

“That was nice,” said Happy Heart patting Valentine Puppy on the head.

Valentine Puppy gave Happy Heart a kiss and then they left.

“Thank you Bright Idea,” said Happy Heart, that evening after they returned home from their Valentine’s Day dinner. “I had a wonderful time and you helped me overcome my sadness.”

“I am glad,” said Bright Idea, giving Grandma a kiss on her cheek. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always try to help someone not feel sad on Valentine’s Day.
  • Example: Bright Idea wanted to help his grandma not feel sad on Valentine’s Day.

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