Bursting with Love

“It is Valentine’s Day,” said Happy Heart. “I am so happy, I am bursting with love. Valentine Puppy, we must spread our love around.”

Valentine Puppy wagged his tail in agreeance.

“Oh dear,” said Happy Heart, reading her emails. “It looks like we need to spread some love to Hillbilly Bob. His fiancĂ©e, Theresa Ann says that Hillbilly Bob is refusing to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It appears there is a matter of jealousy involved. Let’s go spread some Valentine’s Day love!”

Happy Heart and Valentine Puppy found Hillbilly Bob at the gas station he worked at.

“Hello,” said Hillbilly Bob when he saw Happy Heart and Valentine Puppy. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to ask you the same question, said Happy Heart. “How come you are here working at the gas station on Valentine’s Day? How come you aren’t out with Theresa Ann?”

“We had a disagreement,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I heard the disagreement is because you are jealous,” said Happy Heart.

“So Theresa Ann told you,” said Hillbilly Bob. “That is just great.”

“She didn’t go into details,” said Happy Heart. “She is concerned about you. Do you want me to tell me what is going on and why you are jealous of Theresa Ann?”

“Fine,” said Hillbilly Bob, reluctantly. “I saw Theresa Ann talking to a very handsome man at the flower shop. They were laughing and joking around together.”

“I see,” said Happy Heart. “And that is it. All you saw was her talking to a man and joking around with him. Did anything else happen? Did they hold hands, or hug or kiss?”

“No,” said Hillbilly Bob. “Nothing like that.”

“You know,” said Happy Heart. “Theresa Ann works in a flower shop. She is going to be dealing with men. Just because she is laughing and joking around with someone, does not give you the right to be jealous. It is Valentine’s Day. There will be men at the flower shop buying gifts for their wives.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Hillbilly Bob, realizing just how silly he was to be so jealous of Theresa Ann. “I think I have made a huge mistake. I need to tell Theresa Ann I am sorry. Now, what will I give her for Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is almost over and I haven’t much money.”

Valentine Puppy picked up a piece of paper off the shop floor. It was a coupon for a 50% off discount at the local coffee shop. He handed the coupon to Hillbilly Bob.

“Oh thank you,” said Hillbilly Bob, taking the coupon. “This is perfect. Theresa Ann loves coffee.”

Hillbilly Bob went to the flower shop where Theresa Ann works. He saw that she was busy with a customer so he waited for her to finish. Then he apologized to her and showed her the coupon.

“I love you,” said Theresa Ann, wrapping her arms around Hillbilly Bob.

“I love you as well,” said Hillbilly Bob.

Happy Heart knew her job was done, so she and Valentine Puppy went home and celebrated Valentine’s Day, knowing they had spread some Valentine’s Day love to Hillbilly Bob and Theresa Ann.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t be jealous of silly things.
  • Example: Happy Heart found out Hillbilly was jealous of his fiancee because she was laughing and joking around with her customers.

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