Candy the Pharmacy Cashier

“I don’t feel well,” said Harley, putting her hand on her stomach.

“You have a fever,” said Harley’s mom, checking her temperature. “I am going to take you to see a doctor.”

Harley’s mom took Harley the medical clinic and it turned out that Harley was sick and she needed antibiotics.

Oh the way home from the clinic, Harley’s mom pulled into the parking lot of the closest pharmacy.

“No!” screamed Harley. “Not this pharmacy. We must go to the one where Candy the Pharmacy Cashier works. She is always nice to me.”

“That one is at the far end of town,” said Harley’s mom. “I am sure this pharmacy is just as good as the one Candy the Pharmacy Cashier works at.”

Harley started pouting and as soon as her mom saw the look on her face, Harley’s mom knew she would have to take her to see Candy the Pharmacy Cashier.

“Oh dear,” said Candy the Pharmacy Cashier, when she saw that Harley was sick. “I sure hope you feel better soon.

“Me too,” said Harley. “I have to take some anti-biotics.”

“Yes,” said Candy the Pharmacy Cashier. “I see that on your prescription. Let me get them for you and then you need to go home and get some rest.”

“Okay,” said Harley.

Candy the Pharmacy Cashier smiled at Harley, giving her mom the bag with the prescriptions for Harley.

“Lots of rest,” said Candy the Pharmacy Cashier, waving goodbye to Harley.

“I will,” said Harley.

“Get well soon,” said Candy the Pharmacy Cashier.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be courteous to your customers.
  • Example: Candy the Pharmacy Cashier was courteous to her customer, Harley and that is why Harley likes to go back to her when she needs a prescription filled.

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