Scrunchie’s Halloween Treats

“Aunt Mabel,” said Scrunchie, seeing his 87 year old, Aunt Mabel, in the kitchen. “What are you baking? It smells so good in here.”

“I am baking you an extra special Halloween treat,” said Aunt Mabel.

“Oh,” said Scrunchie. “Thank you very much.”

Aunt Mabel gave Scrunchie a plate with a slice of his Halloween treat on it.

“Why does this cake look upside down?” asked Scrunchie, looking at the plate Aunt Mabel handed him.

“It is supposed to be upside down,” said Aunt Mabel. “It is an upside down cake.”

“Interesting,” said Scrunchie. “This cake is just like me, upside down.”

Scrunchie was referring to the fact that he walked upside down. He walked with his head to the ground and his behind stuck up in the air.

“I know,” said Aunt Mabel. “This upside down cake reminded me of you. That is why I made it.”

“Thank you,” said I Scrunchie. “I am enjoying my Halloween treat very much.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to make something special for a loved one.
  • Example: Aunt Mabel baked an upside down cake for Scrunchie because it reminder her of the way he walked.
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