Mr. Rubberman and Batty

Mr. Rubberman was walking through the woods. It was about a week before Halloween. Up in the distance he saw a cave. He had never seen a cave before. He was very intrigued and curious so he went to check it out.

It was dark inside the cave so Mr. Rubberman didn’t venture too far from the entrance. Walking around the entrance area of the cave, Mr. Rubberman happened to look up at the ceiling. He saw a bat hanging there.

“Hello bat,” said Ms. Rubberman. “It is nice to meet you. My name is Mr. Rubberman.”

“My name is Batty,” said the bat. “It is nice to meet you as well. Did I scare you at all?”

“No,” said Mr. Rubberman. “I didn’t get scared at all when I saw you.”

“Oh that is too bad,” said Batty. “It seems that I can’t scare anyone. I don’t get it.”

“Why do you want to scare people?” asked Me. Rubberman. “You do know that it isn’t nice to scare people.”

“I do know that,” said Batty. “But, I am a bat. Bats are supposed to be scary.”

With a wave of Mr. Rubberman’s arm, he was able to erase any thoughts of Batty wanting to scare people. Mr. Rubberman and Batty became good friends and from that day forward, Batty never did have another thought of scaring anyone.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to be scary.
  • Example: Batty thought that just because he was a bat he had to scare people. Mr. Rubberman informed him that he didn’t have to scare anyone.
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