Mr. Rubberman

It was the morning of Halloween. Stanley was shopping for a Halloween costume. He wanted to find something perfect. Stanley entered the department store he regularly shops at. He walked to the very back of it and he was shocked to see all the Halloween costumes were sold.

“I guess I waited too long,” said Stanley to himself. “I should have gotten one yesterday when I was here. There were lots then.”

Stanley started to walk away but then he noticed something under one of the racks. It was a Halloween costume but it wasn’t just any costume. It was the perfect costume.

“I am so lucky,” said Stanley, taking his costume up to the cashier so he could pay for it.

“I didn’t realize we had any costumes left,” said the cashier.

“You don’t have any left,” said Stanley. “I found this one on the floor.”

“Lucky find,” said the cashier.

“It is a perfect find,” said Stanley.

Stanley put his costume on as soon as he got home. The costume fit him like a glove. Stanley walked over to the mirror to see what he looked like.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Stanley. “I love it!”

As Stanley stood in front of the mirror, he noticed things were changing. He saw his whole body turn into rubber.

Stanley felt the tag of the costume on the back of his neck. He reached around and tore the label off.

“Mr. Rubberman,” Stanley read on the label.

Stanley turned the label over and on the opposite side, in real fine print, the label read, “This costume will be permanently affixed once the label has been removed.”

Stanley really didn’t care though. He loved his new Mr. Rubberman costume and he loved the fact that he was now Mr. Rubberman.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes it is good to look around at unexpected places when shopping.
  • Example: Stanley found his perfect Halloween costume under the store rack.
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