Franny Granny

Franny Granny was in her kitchen contemplating what she was going to do for the day.

“I do need to get started on doing some Christmas baking,” said Franny to herself. “But that does mean that I need to go to the mall. I have to buy some flour and I am almost out of sugar.”

Franny went into her bedroom. It took her a few minutes to get there. After all, she did weigh 250 pounds. Franny went to her closet and pulled out the first dress she saw. It was a bright green dress that was just a little bit too short for her but she didn’t care. She was never one to worry about what others thought of her.

Once dressed, Franny put on her makeup and did her hair. She wore brightly coloured plastic flowers and metal hair pins in her hair. The sprayed herself with perfume and grabbed her purse. She was finally ready to go to the mall.

Franny was very happy because she was able to get a parking spot right at the main entrance to the mall. It was a handicapped spot. Franny made sure she put her handicapped sign on the dashboard.

“It looks like the mall is fairly busy today,” said Franny, taking her walker out of the trunk of her car. “People must be starting to do their Christmas shopping.”

Granny purchased her grocery items and headed to the food court. Her granddaughter, Tracey worked there. One of Tracey’s co-workers, Sarah, saw Franny coming and quickly hid in the back room.

“Why are you in the back room?” asked Tracey.

“Your grandmother just walked into the food court,” said Sarah.

“So,” said Tracey. “That is no reason to hide.”

“How can you be related to her?” asked Sarah. “She is so eccentric.”

“Just because she is eccentric doesn’t mean that I don’t love her,” said Tracey. “She is my grandmother. How would you like it if I acted like that when your grandmother comes into the food court?”

“You are right,” said Sarah. “I am sorry.”

Tracey made her grandmother a strawberry milkshake and paid for it herself and went out the side door of the booth. She went over to her grandmother’s table.

“Grandmother,” said Tracey, handing her grandmother the milkshake. “What are you doing in the mall?”

“Oh Tracey dear,” said Franny, giving Tracey a big hug. “It is nice to see you. I had to do some grocery shopping. I am going to start my Christmas baking.”

Franny enjoyed her milkshake and was thrilled to spend time with Tracey.

“Well,” said Franny. “My baking isn’t going to get done by itself. Thank you for the milkshake and please tell your friend, Sarah, that she doesn’t have to hide when she sees me. I’m not going to bite.”

“I am sorry about Sarah’s behavior,” said Tracey. “It was uncalled for.”

“You have nothing to apologize for,” said Franny. “I don’t care about what others think of me.”

“Good attitude to have,” said Tracey, hugging her grandmother.

Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t disrespect a person that is eccentric.
  • Example: Franny Granny’s granddaughter’s friend, Sarah, hid when Franny came into the food court at the mall.
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