The Angry Baker

It was a scorching hot summer day and Allan, the baker, decided he would get a head start on the day. He had a lot of work ahead of him. He was hoping to beat the heat.

“It is only six in the morning,” said Allan, wiping the sweat off his forehead. “I can’t believe how hot it is already.”

Allan worked hard in the bakery. He was busy lugging sacks of flour and sugar from the store room.

“Is there anyone here?” Allan heard someone call from the front of the store.

“Give me a minute,” said Allan.

“I don’t have a minute,” said the woman who was standing in the store. “I have come here to pick up the birthday cake I ordered for my husband.”

“Are you Mrs. Smith?” asked Allan.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Smith.

“Your cake won’t be ready until five,” said Allan. “I haven’t even started baking it yet.”

“I ordered it for first thing this morning,” said Mrs. Smith.

“I was the one that took the order,” said Allan. “I told you it wouldn’t be ready until five.”

“Great!” exclaimed Mrs. Smith, angrily. “Now you are calling me a liar.”

“I will have your cake ready for you at five and not a minute sooner,” yelled Allan. “You are not the only customer I have.”

“They should call you the angry baker,” said Mrs. Smith, storming out of the bakery.

As soon as Mrs. Smith left, Allan saw a hand scribbled note on the work order for Mrs. Smith’s birthday cake. It did say that the cake was to be ready for ten in the morning. Allan felt so bad. He realized he shouldn’t have gotten so angry with Mrs. Smith and that he was the one that was in the wrong.

“I am so sorry about the mix up,” said Allan on the phone to Mrs. Smith. “It is too late to have the cake ready for ten, but I will give you the cake for free if you can wait until five.”

“Do you promise it will be ready for five?” asked Mrs. Smith.

“Absolutely,” said Allan.

“Okay,” said Mrs. Smith. “I will be there at five.”

“Thank you,” said Allan. “And, once again I am sorry.”

Allan worked hard and got Mrs. Smith’s cake finished. He also setup a tray full of goodies for her. He set it on the counter and went about working on some of the other orders.

“Are my baked goods ready?” asked Mrs. Jones, who just came into the shop.

Before Allan said anything, he pulled out the work order and checked it. It stated that Mrs. Jones would pick it up tomorrow. There was no hand-written note changing anything.

“Mrs. Jones,” said Allan. “Your order will be ready tomorrow!”

“No!” screamed Mrs. Jones. “I wanted it today.”

“I can’t do it today!” yelled Allan.

Mrs. Jones stormed out, just as Mrs. Smith came into the store to pick up her order.

“How is my angry baker now?” asked Mrs. Smith.

“Angry,” said Allan. “But not at you. I have your cake ready and I gave you a tray of goodies as well for my mistake.”

“I appreciate that very much,” said Mrs. Smith. “I will bring you lots more orders.”

“Even if I am an angry baker,” laughed Allan.

“Yes” said Mrs. Smith. “Even if you are the angry baker.”

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