Angry Baker’s Autumn Treat

“What a beautiful autumn day!” exclaimed Angry Baker, as he opened up his bakery for business. “This kind of day calls for a new baked treat.”

Angry Baker thought hard and he wanted something sweet and something gooey. He thought a caramel brownie with chocolate icing would be perfect.

“Chocolate icing and caramel mixed together would be perfect,” said Angry Baker.

Angry Baker started gathering all the ingredients he needed for his new autumn treat. Melissa, his girlfriend, came into the bakery after her long day at work at the National Sugar Distributing Company. She was exhausted but she did smell something that smelled so delicious.

“What is that smell?” asked Melissa. “It smells heavenly in here.”

“It is my new autumn treat,” said Angry Baker, putting the first batch into the oven. “It is a caramel brownie with chocolate icing.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Melissa. “I can’t wait to try one.”

“They will be good,” said Angry Baker.

Angry Baker made up the batch of chocolate icing. He took the brownies out of the oven.

“Oh these are going to a hit,” said Melissa, bending over to smell them.

When Melissa bent over, she knocked a container of white chocolate slivers into the icing mix.

“What have you done?” asked Angry Baker, angrily. “You have ruined my new autumn treat!”

Angry Baker’s best customers, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones walked into the bakery. They smelled the new autumn treat. They wanted to try it.

“I have to make a new batch of icing,” said Angry Baker, glaring at Melissa. “The last batch got ruined.”

“What is wrong with it?” asked Mrs. Smith. “It looks delicious.”

“I mistakenly spilled some white chocolate slivers into the batch of icing,” said Melissa, almost in tears.

“White chocolate slivers in chocolate icing,” said Mrs. Jones. “I must try some.”

“Me too,” said Mrs. Smith. “That sounds really good.”

“Are you sure?” asked Angry Baker.

“Absolutely,” said Mrs. Jones.

“That actually does sound good,” said Melissa.

“Okay,” said Angry Baker, spreading the icing mixture onto the brownies and letting Melissa, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones try it.

“You have a hit,” said Mrs. Jones. “This is the best brownie I have ever eaten.”

“Oh definitely,” said Mrs. Smith.

“I have to agree with them,” said Angry Baker, trying one himself.

Once Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Smith left the bakery, Angry Baker apologized to Melissa. She was very happy.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is okay to try different ingredients when baking.
  • Example: Melissa thought she ruined the brownies Angry Baker was baking when she mistakenly spilled some white chocolate slivers into the mixture of icing.

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