“H” is for Halloween

Alphabet Allie was visiting her friend, Harold, who lives in a haunted house.

“‘H’ is for haunted and also for house,” said Harold when he opened the front door.

“‘H’ is also for hello,” said Allie, stepping into Harold’s huge hallway. “Hello, Harold.”

“Hello,” said Harold. “‘H’ is for huge and hallway.”

“‘H’ is for hairy,” said Allie, pointing to a hairy spider that was climbing the wall right beside her.

“‘H’ is for handsome,” said Harold. “That handsome, hairy spider is my pet.”

“‘H’ is for horrible,” said Allie. “That is a horrible creature to have for a pet.”

“‘H’ is for hippopotamus,” said Allie. “I suppose it is better than having a hippopotamus for a pet.”

“‘H’ is for heavy,” said Harold. “A hippopotamus is too heavy to be a pet.”

Harold started laughing hysterically.

“‘H’ is for hysterically,” said Allie. “You are laughing hysterically.”

As Harold was laughing hysterically, Allie noticed a haunting site by the living room window. There was a ghost hanging around the curtains.

“‘H’ is for haunting and also for hanging,” said Allie. “I just saw a haunting sight of a ghost hanging around the curtains in the living room.”

“‘H’ is for Hank,” said Harold. “He is the ghost of this house. He is why this is a haunted house.”

Allie went over to the curtains and hollered at Hank.

“‘H’ is for hollered,” said Allie. “Hank, I hollered at you because I want you to stop haunting Harold’s house.”

Hank did stop haunting Harold’s house. However, he did continue to haunt it on Halloween.

“‘H’ is for however, haunt and also for Halloween,” said Hank. “I am glad you stopped haunting the house. However, it is fine with me if you want to haunt it on Halloween.”

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