Farmer’s Market

Travelin’ Rick and Baby Patrick have no work to do on the weekend coming up, so they decided they would visit a local farmer’s market. They both wanted to get some fresh vegetables. Travelin’ Rick would have liked to grow his own garden but with his busy schedule, it would have been next to impossible.

The two adventurers both got up very early the next morning. They were at the farmer’s market just as it opened. They did not have any breakfast yet and one of the first booths they saw had fresh bannock that was made right on the spot. Both Travelin’ Rick and Baby Patrick had to have some. It smelled so good and as they took their first bites, they were very glad they decided to have some. The bannock was very good and tasty.

Once they had eaten their bannock, they went from booth to booth looking at what each person had to offer. Travelin’ Rick liked the looks of some fresh ripe tomatoes so he purchased some of them.  Baby Patrick liked the cucumbers and he also liked the broccoli that he saw so he purchased some of that. Both of them liked the squash and fresh potatoes.

They both saw a vendor selling fresh fish. They decided to get a salmon and they would have that for their dinner. 

Both Travelin’ Rick and Baby Patrick were amazed at how crowded the market was getting and they also felt that it was getting very hot outdoors.  Summer weather in Kamloops, BC is hot and dry and normally it would be next to impossible to grow anything in such conditions but they did find out by speaking to one of the vendors that the crops had to be irrigated. Irrigation consists of pipes put together and a pump. The pump pushes water from a lake, river or well into the pipes and the pipes spray water on the crops.

That night, Travelin’ Rick and Baby Patrick enjoyed their meal, which consisted of fresh food they had purchased at the market that afternoon.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to shop at a local market.
  • Example: Travelin’ Rick and Baby Patrick enjoyed their meal of fresh food they purchased at the market.

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