Fresh Veggie Smoothie

“I am feeling upset today,” said Mrs. Tomato. “I lost the diamond out of my ring.”

“I will help you find it,” said Olive Onion. “When did you last see it?”

“I don’t know,” snapped Mrs. Tomato. “If I knew that, I would have found it by now.”

“What is going on?” asked Christopher Corn, who heard Mrs. Tomato yelling a mile away.

“I am upset,” said Mrs. Tomato.

Mrs. Tomato explained to Christopher about the diamond missing out of her ring.

“I am upset too,” said Olive. “Mrs. Tomato snapped at me for no reason. I was just trying to help her.”

“Okay,” said Christopher. “Let me see if we can’t smooth things over.”

Just then, Farmer Fred came along.

“What is this about smoothing things over?” asked Farmer Fred.

“Mrs. Tomato lost the diamond from her ring,” explained Christopher. “And, now both girls are upset.”

“I found a diamond on the plate with my scrambled eggs on it,” said Farmer Fred.

“I bet it fell off when I was cooking this morning,” said Mrs.. Tomato, relieved. “I am sorry for snapping at you, Olive.”

“It looks like things are smoothed over,” said Farmer Fred.

“I think we have a fresh veggie smoothie,” laughed Christopher.

Farmer Fred, Mrs. Tomato and Olive burst out laughing.

Moral of this Story:

  • It is good not to snap at someone for no reason.
  • Example: Mrs. Tomato lost the diamond in her ring. Christopher Corn kidded with her about the situation being a fresh veggie smoothie.

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