Being Kind to Others

“I have all these Easter baked goods but because of the coryvirus pandemic, I can’t sell them,” said Angry Baker. “I would hate to see it all go to waste.”

“You know something,” said Melissa, Angry Baker’s fiancée. “I just finished reading a story in the Storyland Times News about Travis the Truck Driver. Because of the coryvirus pandemic, the restaurants have shut down, except for take-out or delivery. Truck drivers are having a diffcult time because their trucks don’t fit through drive-thru windows.”

“This angers me,” said Angry Baker. “All those poor truck drivers risking their lives so we can get our goods delivered to us and they can’t get something to eat. What is this world coming to? You know, if this shop were in a better location, I would gladly give all these baked goods away to the truckers. There just isn’t room for the trucks to park here.”

“You could always take the baked goods to the truckers,” suggested Melissa.

“That is a brilliant idea,” said Angry Baker. “There is a rest stop just outside of town that truckers rest at. Come on, dear, let’s feed the tuckers!”

Angry Baker and Melissa boxed up all the baked goods in the shop and took them to the rest stop.

The truck drivers were so thankful to Angry Baker and Melissa for their kindness and generosity.

They tried to pay for the goodies but Angry Baker would not accept their money.

“Look,” pointed Melissa. “There is Travis the Truck Driver.”

Angry Baker took some baked goods over to Travis the Truck Drivers truck.

“This is such a kind gesture,” said Travis the Truck Driver.

“You were actually the inspiration for this idea,” said Angry Baker. “I had all these baked goods but because of everyone being in self-isolation or quarantine, I wasn’t able to sell them and it would have been a shame to have to throw them away. My fiancée, Melissa, read the article about you in the Storyland Times News and I thought this was a perfect solution.”

“It definitely is,” said Travis the Truck Driver. “Thank you so much for this.”

“Thank you and all the other truck drivers for everything you are doing” said Angry Baker. “We need this country to stick together right now.”

It wasn’t long before other restaurants caught on and were bringing meals to the truck drivers. It was their way of saying thank you for everything the truck drivers are doing.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to help out others.
  • Example: Angry Baker took his leftover Easter baked goods to a truck stop to help feed the truckers who couldn’t get a meal because of the coryvirus pandemic in Storyland.

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