Rain in the Desert

Desert Kid was in his house. He was looking out the window at the massive rain clouds that dotted the dark grey sky.

“It is raining today,” said the Desert Kid. “Rain in the desert is very rare and actually quite enjoyable.”

“Yes,” said the Desert Kid’s mother. “It sure is nice to see some rain.”

The Desert Kid went outside and just let the rain drip down on him. The cool rain drops felt good on his skin. It had been a long, hot few weeks in the desert and the coolness felt good.

Everything in the desert soaked up the rain drops just as quickly as they fell to the ground. Everything in the desert looked a light golden brown colour due to the fact that everything was just so dry.

The rain stopped just as quickly as it started and the hot sun soon came back out.

“Gee,” said the Desert Kid’s mother. “It seems like it is hotter than usual after that rain.”

“Yes,” said the Desert Kid, wiping sweat from his brow. “It sure seems that way.”

“Here,” said the Desert Kid’s mother, handing him a nice cold glass of lemonade. “This should help.”

The Desert Kid drank all his lemonade quickly because he was just so hot. Some people wouldn’t be able to take the heat of the desert but the Desert Kid was born in the desert so therefore, he was used to it.

The Desert Kid enjoyed the hot desert sun for the rest of the day. He knew it would rain again but he also knew it might be weeks before he happened to see another drop.

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