Leprechaun Fever

Fawn was up early, looking out the window. He had his nose right up to the kitchen window.

“What are you looking at?” asked Spot.

“I’m looking for leprechauns,” said Fawn.

“Leprechauns!” exclaimed Spot. “It can’t be St. Patrick’s Day already.”

Spot turned and looked at the calendar that was on the fridge.

“Wow!” exclaimed Spot. “It is St. Patrick’s Day.”

“Look,” said Fawn, still looking out the window. “I just saw one. He just ran up that little hill.”

Fawn turned around to face Spot. He had the most mischievous look on his face. He stood there rubbing his two front hooves together. Then all of a sudden he broke out in a dance.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Spot. “Fawn, there is no such thing as leprechauns.”

Fawn became very angry when Spot said that. He stopped dancing and went into his room.

“There is something strange about Fawn today,” said Spot. “I’ve got to call the veterinarian.”

Spot was very worried about Fawn and when the veterinarian showed up, she didn’t pay any attention to him. She showed him to Fawn’s room.

“Right this way,” said Spot.

The veterinarian took off his top coat and Spot didn’t even notice the green hands and the green outfit.

“What is wrong with Fawn?” asked Spot. “He’s been looking for leprechauns all morning and he got very angry with me when I told him there was no such thing as leprechauns.”

The veterinarian let out a spine tingling laugh. Spot took a closer look and could not believe that she was looking at a leprechaun.

“What is going on here?” asked Spot. “Where is Dr. Brown?”

“Dr. Brown couldn’t make it,” said the leprechaun, doing a little dance.

“Are you a real leprechaun?” asked Spot.

“I’m as real as you’re gonna get,” said the leprechaun.

“So what is wrong with my friend?” asked Spot, close to tears.

“It looks like Fawn has leprechaun fever,” said the leprechaun.

“What is that?” asked Spot.

“Leprechaun fever occurs every St. Patrick’s Day,” said the leprechaun.

“If that is true,” said Spot. “Then why don’t I have it.”

“Oh but you do,” laughed the leprechaun, dancing around again.

“How do you know if I have it or not?” asked Spot.

“You see me right?” asked the leprechaun.

“Yes,” said Spot.

“Well,” said the leprechaun. “There are no such things as leprechauns except for the ones that have leprechaun fever!”


Moral of this Story:

  • You could have leprechaun fever.
  • Example: Spot saw the leprechaun so she had leprechaun fever.

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