Kitty and Lucky

Kitty was sitting by the living room window, cleaning her paws after her big meal. She heard something behind her. She pinned her ears back and the fur on her back stood straight up. She quickly turned around and when she saw what was behind her, she ran behind the couch.

“It is okay Kitty,” said a little green man standing in the middle of the living room. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Are you sure?” asked Kitty, shaking.

“Of course I’m sure,” said the little green man. “I’m Lucky, I’m a leprechaun.”

“Lucky,” said Kitty, slowly coming out from behind the couch. “That is a nice name.”

Lucky did a little dance and Kitty sat and watched, wagging her tail back and forth.

“You are a little different,” said Kitty to Lucky. “What exactly is a leprechaun anyway?”

“Well,” said Lucky. “Leprechauns are little green men that come from Ireland. We are very rich and have lots of gold.”

“Gee,” said Kitty. “I’d love to be rich and have pots of gold.”

“You would,” said Lucky. “But what would a cat do with a pot of gold?”

“I would give my pot of gold to my owners,” said Kitty. “They don’t have much money. They are very sweet people but they were recently robbed. They didn’t have any insurance so they have pretty much lost all of their prized possessions.”

“Gee,” said Lucky, wiping a tear from the corner of his eye. “That is a very sad story.”

“But a true one,” said Kitty.

Kitty and Lucky talked for a while longer and then all of a sudden, Lucky said he had to leave.

“Bye Lucky,” said Kitty. “It was sure nice knowing you.”

“You too,” said Lucky.

A few hours later, Kitty’s owners came home from work. They had their dinner and then after dinner, there was a knock on the door.

“Hello,” said a little green man at the door.

“Yes,” said Kitty’s owners.

“I have this pot of gold for you,” said the little green man.

“What?” exclaimed Kitty’s owners, happily.

“Yes,” said the little green man. “I’m an insurance salesman and I have this pot of gold for you.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Kitty’s owners. “We can’t thank you enough!”

“Don’t thank me,” said the little green man at the door, winking at Kitty. “Thank your little kitty over there.”

Kitty knew right away who the insurance salesman was and she grinned from ear to ear.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be kind to others.
  • Example: Kitty wanted to give a pot of gold to her owners because they were recently robbed.

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