Lucky Leprechaun Finds the Missing Gold

“Grand Old Leprechaun,” said Lucky Leprechaun, when he saw the upset look on his friends face. “What is wrong?” “The St. Patrick’s Day pots of gold are missing,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “I am so upset. I must find them.” “When did you last see them?” asked Lucky. “This morning,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “I […] Read More

Lucky Leprechaun and Fool’s Gold

“I am so happy today,” said Lucky Leprechaun. “It is St. Patrick’s Day and I feel lucky as well.” Lucky Leprechaun looked at himself in the mirror and made sure he was well-groomed. He made sure his hat was placed perfectly on his head. He made sure his teeth were gleaming and his hair was […] Read More

Lucky Leprechaun and the Giant

“It is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Lucky Leprechaun to himself. “It is a beautiful day outside. I am going to go for a walk.”   Lucky Leprechaun went for a walk in the forest. He saw his friend, Hoppy Bunny, who was also going for a walk.   “Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” said Lucky.   […] Read More

Lucky Leprechaun and the Lucky Carrot

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” said Lucky Leprechaun’s friend, Hoppy Bunny.   “What is so happy about it?” asked Lucky. “I don’t feel lucky today.”   “Why not?” asked Hoppy Bunny. “You are a leprechaun. You should feel very lucky today.”   “I just don’t feel it today,” said Lucky. “Nothing has been lucky for me.” […] Read More

Summer Rainbow

Lucky Leprechaun was taking a walk in the forest. It had just finished raining. Lucky was searching for summer rainbows. Because he was a leprechaun, his job was to place a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. While on his walk, Lucky saw his friend, Hoppy Bunny. “Hoppy!” called Lucky. “I am […] Read More

Lucky Leprechaun’s Hat

Hoppy Bunny was bored. It was St. Patrick’s Day, so he decided he would visit with his best friend, Lucky Leprechaun. “Hello,” said Lucky Leprechaun, who was very happy to see his friend. “Today just might be your lucky day. It is St. Patrick’s Day.” “It is indeed,” said Hoppy. “Would you like a cup […] Read More

Good Luck

On a very warm St. Patrick’s Day, Hoppy Bunny visited with his friend, Lucky Leprechaun. “Come in,” said Lucky Leprechaun. “It is nice for you to come for a visit. Would you like a cookie?” “I would love a cookie,” said Hoppy. “Did you bake them yourself?” “No,” said Lucky Leprechaun. “I got them at […] Read More

Meet Lucky Leprechaun

Lucky Leprechaun is a Bed Tyme Tales Storyland character that I created in December 2005. Because I am part Irish, I love St. Patrick’s Day and I have always been fascinated by leprechauns. However, most of the leprechauns that I have read about have all been mean and nasty leprechauns. I wanted to create a […] Read More

A Misty St. Patrick’s Day

It was St. Patrick’s Day morning. Lucky Leprechaun woke up early and looked out his bedroom window. He saw a thick mist covering the valley. “Oh this is not good,” said Lucky Leprechaun to himself. “That mist is a bad omen. I don’t feel good about it at all.” Lucky Leprechaun sat down on the […] Read More

A Sunny St. Patrick’s Day

Lucky Leprechaun woke up on St. Patrick’s Day morning with the sun shining brightly through his bedroom window. “Oh my!” exclaimed Lucky Leprechaun to himself, shielding his eyes from the sun. “What a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day morning! That sun shining so brightly is a sign that this is going to be a very lucky […] Read More

The Missing Pot of Gold

Lucky Leprechaun woke up very early on St. Patrick’s Day. “I feel very lucky today,” said Lucky Leprechaun, getting dressed. Lucky Leprechaun dressed in his best green suit, green hat and green shoes. He felt very handsome. Lucy Leprechaun had a very busy day ahead of him. He was going to march in the St. […] Read More