Lucky Four-Leaf Clover

It was very early on March 17, which was St. Patrick’s Day. Lucky Leprechaun woke up and was eating his breakfast. He heard a knock on the door. It was his friend, Hoppy Bunny.

“Come have some breakfast with me,” said Lucky Leprechaun.

“I already ate,” said Hoppy Bunny. “I had a nice big carrot.”

“I am having some oatmeal,” said Lucky Leprechaun.

“I thought you didn’t like oatmeal,” said Hoppy Bunny.

“I normally don’t,” said Lucky Leprechaun. “However, today I like everything and anything.”

“It must be St. Patrick’s Day,” said Hoppy Bunny.

“It is,” said Lucky Leprechaun, smiling from ear to ear. “Today, I am so happy.”

“I can see that,” said Hoppy Bunny.

“To show you just how happy I am,” said Lucky Leprechaun, taking something out of his pocket and giving it to Hoppy Bunny. “I am giving you a lucky four-leaf clover.”

“I don’t need that,” said Hoppy Bunny, giving it back.

Hoppy went to sit down beside Lucky Leprechaun and just before he did, the chair broke. He felt a little uneasy after that.

“Maybe I do need it after all,” said Hoppy Bunny.

Lucky Leprechaun gave the lucky four-leaf clover back to Hoppy Bunny. Hoppy Bunny had good luck for the rest of the day.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes we need a bit of luck.
  • Example: Hoppy Bunny didn’t feel he needed a lucky four-leaf clover until the chair broke just before he was going to sit on it.

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