Beatrice Bee is Lucky

“I feel lucky,” said Beatrice Bee as she flew around Storyland. “Maybe I will find a pot of gold. After all, it is a rainy summer day. All I have to do is find a rainbow.” Beatrice flew over a field of clover. “Maybe I will find a four leaf clover,” said Beatrice to herself. […] Read More

Summer Rainbow

Lucky Leprechaun was taking a walk in the forest. It had just finished raining. Lucky was searching for summer rainbows. Because he was a leprechaun, his job was to place a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. While on his walk, Lucky saw his friend, Hoppy Bunny. “Hoppy!” called Lucky. “I am […] Read More

Annie Leprechaun

“Oh look,” said Stephanie, a young girl in the park. “A leprechaun.” “That is right,” said Annie Leprechaun. “I am a leprechaun.” “But wait,” said Stephanie. “You are a girl.” “And you are right again,” said Annie. “I didn’t know leprechauns were girls,” said Stephanie. “Yes,” said Annie. “Girl leprechauns are rare but we do […] Read More

Lucky Leprechaun’s Hat

Hoppy Bunny was bored. It was St. Patrick’s Day, so he decided he would visit with his best friend, Lucky Leprechaun. “Hello,” said Lucky Leprechaun, who was very happy to see his friend. “Today just might be your lucky day. It is St. Patrick’s Day.” “It is indeed,” said Hoppy. “Would you like a cup […] Read More

Angry Cat Hides a Leprechaun

“Angry Cat,” said Harriet, Angry Cat’s sister. “It is St. Patrick’s Day today.” “What is the big deal about St. Patrick’s Day?” asked Angry Cat, angrily. “Well,” said Harriet. “We like leprechauns and we do like gold.” “I suppose you are right about us liking leprechauns,” said Angry Cat. “And, yes, we certainly do like […] Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

“Oh my!” exclaimed Angry Baker, entering his bake shop on St. Patrick’s Day morning. “I have such a lot of work to do today.” Angry Baker started work right away. He heard the bell at the front door. He went out to the front of the shop but there was nobody there. He headed back […] Read More

Pot of Gold Rainbow

Sprinkles was sitting in her bedroom, looking at herself in the mirror. She loved looking at her hair. Sprinkles didn’t have regular hair, she had a rare condition in which her hair was made of sprinkles, the colourful candy sprinkles that are used for decorating cookies or cakes. “Oh my!” exclaimed Sprinkles, glancing at the […] Read More

An Extra Pot of Gold

“That is a beautiful necklace,” said Mother Leprechaun, looking at a jewelry catalogue. “Look at how it sparkles!” When Mother laid the catalogue down, Tommy Leprechaun took a look at it. “That is not fair!” Tommy said to himself angrily. “I found something Mother likes but I can’t afford it.” Tommy really wanted to buy […] Read More

Daddy Pea Pod is Jealous

“What is that little man doing out there in the field?” asked Daddy Pea Pod. “Oh my!” exclaimed Mommy Pea Pod. “That little man is a leprechaun.” “It is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Daddy Pea Pod. “He is dancing,” said Mommy Pea Pod. “He looks adorable.” “What do you mean he looks adorable?” asked Daddy […] Read More