Subway Sam’s St. Patrick’s Day Party

“It is a rather nice day for a subway ride,” said Subway Sam, boarding the TTC subway at Union Station in Toronto, Ontario. “I do hope the St. Patrick’s Day party I am going to is going to be fun.”

There were a lot of people on the subway. Many of them were dressed in green. Sitting all by himself in the corner seat was a leprechaun, who looked like he was very sick.

“Are you okay?” asked Subway Sam. “You don’t look very well.”

“I’m not,” said the leprechaun.

“What is wrong?” asked Subway Sam.

“I was at a party,” said the leprechaun. “I ate a few sandwiches and felt sick.”

“I am on my way to a St. Patrick’s Day party,” said Subway Sam.

“Is it on Dundas Street?” asked the leprechaun.

“Yes,” said Subway Sam. “I wonder if it is the same one. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. I am not going to go now.”

“You’re not,” said the leprechaun, confused.

“No,” said Subway Sam. “I’m not. I am going to take you to the hospital instead.”

“Normally I would say no to that,” said the leprechaun. “However, I am pretty sick.”

Subway Sam took the leprechaun to the hospital.

“I don’t think I have ever looked after a real live leprechaun,” said the nurse, who examined him. “What brings you here?”

“I am sick,” said the leprechaun. “I went to a St. Patrick’s Day party. I ate a few sandwiches and became sick.”

“That’s not the party on Dundas Street,” said the nurse. “Is it?”

“Yes,” said the leprechaun. “It is. Why?”

“I think you have food poisoning,” said the nurse. “We have had several people who have come from that party and all of them had food poisoning.”

“I am glad I didn’t go,” said Subway Sam.

The nurse ordered some tests on the leprechaun and it was confirmed that he did have food poisoning. The nurse decided it would be a good idea for the leprechaun to spend the night.

“I want you have this,” said the leprechaun to Subway Sam.

“Well thank you,” said Subway Sam, seeing a pot of gold in the leprechaun’s hand.

Subway Sam took the pot of gold and he set it at the nurses station desk with a note on it for it to be donated to the children’s wing.

“I saw what you did,” said the leprechaun. “That was such a kind thing for you to do.”

“I really don’t need it,” said Subway Sam. “The children’s wing needs it more than I do.”

“Take this then,” said the leprechaun, handing Subway Sam a four-leaf clover.

“Thank you,” said Subway Sam. “This, I will keep.”

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