Colour Kid – Green

Colour Kid looked up at the calendar on his kitchen wall. He saw that it was St. Patrick’s Day.

“This is wonderful,” said Colour Kid. “I love St. Patrick’s Day.”

Colour Kid wore his green t-shirt, a green hoodie and a green hat. He loved the colour green and St. Patrick’s Day always gave him an excuse to dress in green.

Colour Kid decided he was going to watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade that was going on. He walked to the main street and arrived just in time for the start of the parade.

“This really is a lot of fun,” said Colour Kid, watching the brightly coloured floats go by.

One thing he did notice was that almost everyone in the parade and almost everyone watching the parade wore something that was green. It was really something to see all the different shades of green. It was very bright and also very colourful.

Colour Kid had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day and it was nice for him to see all the people wearing green.

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