Annie Leprechaun

“Oh look,” said Stephanie, a young girl in the park. “A leprechaun.”

“That is right,” said Annie Leprechaun. “I am a leprechaun.”

“But wait,” said Stephanie. “You are a girl.”

“And you are right again,” said Annie.

“I didn’t know leprechauns were girls,” said Stephanie.

“Yes,” said Annie. “Girl leprechauns are rare but we do exist.”

“Good,” said Stephanie. “So, where is my pot of gold?”

“I’m not going to give you a pot of gold,” said Annie.

“You’re not,” said Stephanie. “Why? I thought that if a person sees a leprechaun then that leprechaun has to give that person a pot of gold.”

“That is the way it is supposed to work,” said Annie. “However, you didn’t say please.”

“Can I please have a pot of gold?” asked Stephanie.

“No you can’t,” said Annie.

“But I said please,” said Stephanie.

“You were too late,” said Annie.

“Do you have a boss or something?” asked Stephanie.

“Yes,” said Annie. “My father is the Grand Old Leprechaun.”

“Where can I find him?” asked Stephanie.

“He will be here in a few minutes,” said Annie. “Why do you want to talk to him?”

“Well,” said Stephanie. “I want to tell him that you wouldn’t give me a pot of gold.”

“And why won’t you give this young girl a pot of gold?” asked Grand Old Leprechaun, hearing the conversation, walking over to where Annie was.

“She didn’t say please,” said Annie.

“She is right,” said Stephanie. “I didn’t say please the first time. However, I did the second time I asked.”

“My dear Annie,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “Give this girl her pot of gold.”

“Thank you,” said Stephanie, when Annie handed her the pot of gold.

“Now Annie,” said Grand Old Leprechaun once Stephanie had left. “What is wrong with you? You know that we are to give our pots of gold away. I know you don’t like doing that but I don’t understand why.”

“Look Father,” said Annie. “You are right. I don’t like giving my pots of gold away and I will tell you why. I was hoping to keep some for myself. I want to buy a new dress, a new car and a new house.”

“Annie,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “We don’t need new things. We are leprechauns. We have always made do with what we have. If you go visit your grandmother, she will make you a new dress. Now, please, make sure you give away all your gold today. It is St. Patrick’s Day.”

“I will,” said Annie. “I promise.”

Annie did as she was told because one other thing a leprechaun never does is disobey their elders.

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