Chair in the Attic

One Halloween evening Spooky, the ghost, was upstairs cleaning the attic. He was trying to find anything to do other than participate in the Halloween festivities that were downstairs. Spooky was a very timid ghost. He was frightened of almost anything.

While in the attic, Spooky noticed an old chair sitting in the corner of the attic. He went over to the chair and dusted it off. He knew he recognized the old chair. It was the chair his mother used to sit in. He was surprised at how much dust came off it and the dust made him cough. He was in the midst of a coughing fit when all of a sudden his mother appeared in the old chair. She was sitting there just like she had many years before when she was alive and the chair was downstairs in the parlour.

“My dear Spooky,” said Mother. “You obviously need a drink of water.”

Spooky went downstairs, got himself a drink of water, before anyone could see him and went back up to the attic again. This time however, his mother was not sitting in the chair. She was gone.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Spooky to himself. “I’m seeing things now but I know she was there. She spoke to me.”

Spooky was very sad that his mother was gone. He missed his mother terribly. It had been five years since his mother passed away and two years since he had passed away. Spooky had always thought that he would join his mother one day but so far that day had not come yet. Instead he was stuck with his cousins and uncles, who were also ghosts.

“I miss you Mother,” said Spooky, touching the chair that his mother had sat in a few minutes earlier.

Spooky noticed that the chair was completely covered in dust again.

“Weird,” said Spooky. “I guess the only way to explain this is that it is Halloween night.”

Spooky finally went downstairs to join his family in their Halloween festivities. They had a lot of fun together bobbing for apples and singing Halloween songs and dancing. They also had a lot of candy that they shelled out to all the little trick-or-treaters. The family didn’t know what made Spooky finally come join them but they were glad of whatever it was.


Moral of this Story:

  • Ghosts have feelings too.
  • Example: Spooky was missing his mother but he did have fond memories of her sitting in an old chair.

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