School Supplies

Troll Family returned home from their summer vacation a little later than they expected. The traffic was horrible on the ride home. There was an accident on the highway and held traffic to a snail’s pace.

“Come on troll children,” said Troll Mother, getting them off to bed. “You’ve got school tomorrow morning.”

“Oh no!” exclaimed Troll Sister. “We didn’t get any school clothes or school supplies. How can we go to school?”

“Don’t worry,” said Troll Mother. “I was able to get you some school supplies. See your new backpack sitting in the corner of your bedroom. There is a new outfit hanging in your closet.”

Troll Sister never noticed the backpack until just that minute.

“How did you get that?” asked Troll Sister. “I thought you said you didn’t have time.”

“I got them for you when Troll Daddy and I went shopping by ourselves just before we went on vacation.”

“Oh,” said Troll Sister. “Well thank you Troll Mother.”

“You are welcome,” said Troll Mother, kissing Troll Sister goodnight on her cheek.

Troll Brother wasn’t so concerned about his school supplies or new clothes for school but he did notice that Troll Mother had a backpack for him and a new outfit in his closet too.

The next morning at the breakfast table, Troll Sister was so concerned about having all the supplies that she needed. However, she didn’t have the time to go through her backpack to see what Troll Mother had bought for her.

“Are you sure you got me some pencil crayons?” asked Troll Sister. “What about a calculator?”

“Don’t worry,” said Troll Mother. “I’m sure you will find everything that you will need.”

“Okay,” said Troll Sister, giving Troll Mother a kiss before going off to school.

“So how was your day?” asked Troll Mother when Troll Sister came home from school.”

“It was awesome,” said Troll Sister.

“Good,” said Troll Sister.

“Did I get you everything that you needed for school?” asked Troll Mother.

“Oh yes,” said Troll Sister. “Thanks to you I made tons of new friends today because everyone wanted to borrow all my supplies.”

“Told you not to worry,” smiled Troll Mother.

“Troll Mother,” said Troll Sister. “You are amazing!”

Troll Mother wiped a tear away from her eye.

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