Meet the Troll Family

Welcome to the Meet the Troll Family page. I created the Troll Family in 1993. They are one of the oldest sets of characters on the Storyland website. They consist of Troll Daddy, Troll Mother, Troll Sister, Troll Brother and Troll Baby. The Troll Family came to life for me because my two children loved […] Read More

Troll Family’s Rainy, Summer Day

“We can’t go outside today,” said Troll Brother, looking out the window and seeing that it was another rainy day. “I know,” said Troll Mother. “It is another rainy, summer day.” “What are we going to do?” asked Troll Sister. Troll Mother knew the troll children were getting tired of the rain. She needed to […] Read More

Summer Garden

“Where are you going now?” Troll Mother asked Troll Daddy, as he got up from the table right after supper. “I am going to weed the garden,” said Troll Daddy. “Did you want to come help?” “Sure,” said Troll Mother. “Troll Sister and Troll Brother can do the dishes. Troll Baby can come with us.” […] Read More

Long Days

“My!” exclaimed Troll Mother to Troll Daddy, who was just coming in the door from work. “This was such a long day. It just seemed to drag on and on.” “No,” said Troll Daddy. “This day just flew by. I got heavily involved in a project this morning and before I knew it, the day […] Read More

Summer Boat Ride

“Troll Mother,” said Troll Sister. “Why don’t you want to go on a boat ride? It is summer, the season for adventure.” “I am afraid of boats,” said Troll Mother. “I was almost in a boat accident when I was younger.” “Oh,” said Troll Sister. “I didn’t know. I am sorry.” “It is okay,” said […] Read More

School Supplies

Troll Family returned home from their summer vacation a little later than they expected. The traffic was horrible on the ride home. There was an accident on the highway and held traffic to a snail’s pace. “Come on troll children,” said Troll Mother, getting them off to bed. “You’ve got school tomorrow morning.” “Oh no!” […] Read More

Autumn Safety

Hi everyone. My name is Safety Kid. I am a brand new character on the Storyland website. My goal is to keep everyone on the website safe. Recently I visited with my friends, The Troll Family. They moved from Ontario, Canada to British Columbia, Canada about a year ago. The Troll Family love living in […] Read More

Ups and Downs

Troll Baby sat in his high chair eating his favourite cereal, Trollios, when Troll Mother came into the kitchen and sat down at the table beside him. “Oh sweet innocent Troll Baby,” said Troll Mother. “You are so lucky. You have the rest of your life ahead of you. You have so many opportunities to […] Read More

Don’t Talk to Strangers

“Isn’t that just awful!” exclaimed Troll Mother, after reading the Troll Town News newspaper. “What is awful?” asked Troll Sister, who was eating her breakfast. “Oh,” said Troll Mother. “A young boy was assaulted in the Troll Town Theme Park last night.” “That is terrible,” said Troll Sister. “Yes it is,” said Troll Mother. “But […] Read More

Troll Family Move Out West

Troll Daddy came home from working in the factory at Troll Town one Friday afternoon, with a big smile on his face. The Troll children knew something was up because usually after working all day, Troll Daddy was normally very tired. “Troll Daddy,” asked Troll Sister. “Why are you smiling?” “What’s up?” asked Troll Brother. […] Read More

Troll Family’s Christmas

“Gee,” said Troll Mother, putting the last parcel under the Christmas tree. “There’s not much under the tree this year.” “I know,” said Troll Daddy. “It looks pretty bare doesn’t it. This Christmas is pretty bleak, I’m afraid.” “Well,” said Troll Mother. “There’s always Troll Santa.” “Yes,” said Troll Daddy. “Without Troll Santa, our little […] Read More