Don’t Talk to Strangers

“Isn’t that just awful!” exclaimed Troll Mother, after reading the Troll Town News newspaper.

“What is awful?” asked Troll Sister, who was eating her breakfast.

“Oh,” said Troll Mother. “A young boy was assaulted in the Troll Town Theme Park last night.”

“That is terrible,” said Troll Sister.

“Yes it is,” said Troll Mother. “But at least he had enough sense to tell his mother about it right away because now they have a really good description of the man.”

“That is terrible that someone would do such a thing,” said Troll Sister.

“Yes,” agreed Troll Mother. “You know Troll Sister, this is a terrible world we live in. That kind of thing happens to a lot of children. You have to be so careful.”

“Yes,” said Troll Sister. “I know I have to be careful.”

“No matter what, you can’t talk to strangers at all,” said Troll Mother. “If you see anyone in the neighborhood that looks suspicious, please let us know, right away.”

“Yes,” said Troll Sister. “I will.”

“Okay,” said Troll Mother. “I already figured that you knew all that but I just wanted to remind you about it.”

That afternoon Troll Sister was walking home from school alone. Up ahead of her was a scruffy man. Troll Sister had never seen this man before. She remembered what Troll Mother had talked to her about that morning. She was a little frightened.

The man started walking toward her. As much as she didn’t want to, Troll Sister took a good look at the man.

“Mismatched sneakers,” she noted to herself. “A scar on his right cheek, black hair, brown eyes and white faded jeans.

“Hi there,” the man said to Troll Sister as he walked by her.

Troll Sister remembered what Troll Mother had said to her about talking to strangers and didn’t utter a word. Troll Sister just kept walking. The man turned and followed her. He reached over and firmly grasped Troll Sister’s shoulder.

Troll Sister was scared. However, she managed to free herself from his grip and she ran into the convenience store that was right beside her. Luckily, she knew the owner of the store and she was able to get him to call her parents.

“I am so glad you are alright,” cried Troll Mother.

“Me too,” said Troll Daddy.

“Okay Troll Sister,” said a police officer, coming into the convenience store. “Because of your excellent description we have apprehended the suspect. He happens to be the same suspect we have been looking for in connection with the attack on the young boy that was assaulted at the Troll Town Theme Park last night.”

“And,” whispered Troll Sister to Troll Mother. “I didn’t talk to that stranger, no matter what.”

“You are such a good girl,” said Troll Mother, hugging Troll Sister tightly. “I am very proud of you.”

“I am too,” said Troll Daddy, also giving Troll Sister a big hug.

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