Poor Mountain Family

Way up on the top of a mountain in British Columbia, Canada, lived a family that was so very poor. However, even though they were so poor, they happened to be the happiest family around and the reason for that is that they loved each other very much, had excellent family values and respected their property and belongings because they knew how hard it was to come by them.

The Poor Mountain Family consisted of Poor Mountain Father, Poor Mountain Mother, Poor Mountain Sister and Poor Mountain Brother. They lived in a modest log cabin that Poor Mountain Father had built with his own hands and most of the furniture in the cabin was furniture that he had built himself.

Poor Mountain Father was not very well educated and therefore could not hold down a proper job for more than a couple of weeks at a time. However, he was the most kind-hearted soul that walked on this earth. He was always there to help out his neighbours and his friends when they needed it.

Poor Mountain Mother had her high school education and had always dreamed of going to college but then she fell in love with Poor Mountain Father and the rest was history. Poor Mountain Mother cared very deeply for her family and always made sure that nothing stood in the way of their happiness. Poor Mountain Mother sewed all of her children’s clothing and she even did the laundry each week by hand. Even though she had a lot of work to do, she never complained about it, not even once.

Poor Mountain Sister was very smart and did very well at school. She was the eldest of the Poor Mountain children and Poor Mountain Mother and Father wanted to see her go on to university and become a nurse when she finished high school. However, Poor Mountain Sister had other plans. She really wanted to be a photographer. Poor Mountain Sister loved wildlife and living where she was, she always had a great opportunity to take some wonderful photographs. She wanted to make photography her career.

Poor Mountain Brother was the baby of the family. He loved the outdoors and loved to play any sport that involved being outside. He loved the mountains and he wanted to live the rest of his life in the mountains. Poor Mountain Brother was getting good grades at school but did not put his whole effort into it because he would sit and day-dream about being outdoors. He was scolded by his teachers and parents many times for this but he just had this urge to be out in the mountains and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

The Poor Mountain Family were a very modest family and that is what keeps them strong and vibrant. They face hardships head on together, like a family should. They deal with problems as they come having the whole family’s input. The Poor Mountain Family are a dying breed. There aren’t too many families like them in this world anymore.

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