Desert Kid Wishing for Rain

Desert Kid was walking through the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. It was a very hot and dry summer, so far. “The sticks and twigs crack under my feet when I walk on them,” said Desert Kid. “The grass is brown and dry.” Desert Kid walked along and it wasn’t long before he came […] Read More

Beatrice Bee Runs into Travelin’ Rick

Beatrice Bee was flying around Storyland. It was a hot summer day. Beatrice was still in British Columbia, Canada. Beatrice loved British Columbia. She loved the Rocky Mountains, the wildlife and the people. She had already met Mountain Kid. She was looking forward to seeing the Poor Mountain Family. While she was flying around, she […] Read More

Meet Mountain Kid

Welcome to the Meet Mountain Kid page. My favourite place in all of Canada is the mountains. I absolutely love them. I have traveled throughout western Canada several times and have lived out west as well. My love of the mountains inspired the character Mountain Kid. He was created in 2005, while I was living […] Read More

Mountain Kid’s Autumn Hike

Mountain Kid woke up early one autumn morning. He had a good night sleep, was well-rested and full of energy. “I think I should go for an autumn hike,” said Mountain Kid, drinking his morning cup of tea. Mountain Kid packed himself a lunch and filled a canteen with water. He set out on his […] Read More

Poor Mountain Family and Autumn Foods

Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Sister woke up shivering. It was autumn and in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, it gets cooler at night. “Here,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Have a nice warm bowl of oatmeal. That will warm you up.” “Thank you Poor Mountain Mother,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “Yes,” said Poor […] Read More

Desert Kid’s Acorn Roast

“Is that an oak tree?” asked Desert Kid, pointing to an old tree at the edge of the desert. Desert Kid was taking a walk with his Father. They lived in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, which is Canada’s only desert area. “It is,” said Father. “And you know what an old oak tree has […] Read More

Desert Kid and the Desert Animals

Desert Kid was walking alone in the desert area that was close to his home. Desert Kid lived just outside of Kelowna, BC. Kelowna is part of the Okanagan Valley. Parts of the Okanagan Valley are known as Canada’s only desert. It was a warm autumn afternoon. Desert Kid heard the familiar sound of a […] Read More

Travelin’ Rick Visits Adams Lake, BC

PHOTO CREDIT – Courtesy of Darren Schmidt. Thank you, Darren for letting me use this photo. Travelin’ Rick needed to get away for a few days. His favourite province to visit is British Columbia, Canada. Travelin’ Rick loves the mountains, the fresh air and the wildlife that BC has to offer. There are several places […] Read More


Mountain Kid became ill one winter, while he was living by himself in his cabin in British Columbia, Canada. A neighbour had stopped by just shortly after the illness began and found Mountain Kid all curled up in bed with nothing to eat. “Thank you for looking after me,” Mountain Kid said to Ernie, his […] Read More

Christmas Snow

“Billy,” said Dianne Troll. “Come quick. It is snowing outside.” “Really,” said Billy Troll, putting his guitar down. “This I have to see.” It was Christmas Eve and there had been no snow in sight. Billy and Dianne had been hoping it would snow for Christmas. This was going to be their first Christmas in […] Read More