Desert Kid’s Acorn Roast

“Is that an oak tree?” asked Desert Kid, pointing to an old tree at the edge of the desert.

Desert Kid was taking a walk with his Father. They lived in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, which is Canada’s only desert area.

“It is,” said Father. “And you know what an old oak tree has plenty of?”

“Yes,” said Desert Kid. “It will have tons and tons of acorns.”

“We will be able to have an acorn roast,” said Father.

“I can’t wait,” said Desert Kid. “I love roasted acorns.”

Father and Desert Kid went home and grabbed a burlap sack so they could put the acorns in it.

“What are you two up to?” asked Mother when she saw Father and Desert Kid coming out of the shed with a burlap sack.

“We found an old oak tree,” said Desert Kid. “We are going to gather some acorns.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Mother. “I love roasted acorns.”

Father and Desert Kid gathered up as many acorns as they could and that evening they enjoyed roasting them on an open fire.

“These are so good,” said Mother.

“Yes they are,” agreed Father.

“You know,” said Mother. “We should start gathering more of our food from the desert and surrounding area.”

“I agree,” said Father. “Especially with the rising cost of food these days.”

“A person would be surprised at just how much food a desert produces,” said Mother.

“Absolutely,” said Father.

Desert Kid’s parents began eating more and more foods from the desert. They did find their grocery bills decreased and they found they were a lot healthier.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to eat off the land.
  • Example: Desert Kid and his parents decided they would eat more foods from the desert.

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