Bitter Candy

Mama Acorn was sweeping the steps on the front porch. It was a beautiful autumn day. She was humming a song while she was sweeping. She didn’t notice the monster that was standing at the bottom of the oak tree her and her family lived in. While she was sweeping the steps, she tripped on […] Read More

Happy Balloons

“Look at the happy balloons floating by,” said Baby Acorn. “Aren’t they pretty?” “They sure are,” said Papa Acorn. “They are so colourful.” “I would love to go for a ride with them,” said Baby Acorn. “Yes,” said Papa Acorn. “I bet you would.” Baby Acorn saw that the patio door was open. He went […] Read More

Chester Chipmunk Helps Mama Acorn

“Look at that silly chipmunk,” commented Mama Acorn, as she watched the chipmunk that was scurrying on the ground, trying to gather acorns. “At least we know he will never get us.” “I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” said Papa Acorn.” We aren’t as safe as you may think. We have fallen our the […] Read More

Meet the Acorn Family

Welcome to the Meet the Acorn Family page. As part of my Autumn Story Challenge 2017, I said I would create two new characters for it. The first characters I created for this challenge are the Acorn Family. The Acorn Family consist of Mama Acorn, Papa Acorn and their son, Baby Acorn. The Acorn Family […] Read More

Beatrice Bee and Falling Acorns

Beatrice Bee was flying around Storyland. It was an extremely hot day. She noticed a huge oak tree below.   “That looks like a good place to get some shade so I can try to cool down,” said Beatrice to herself.   Beatrice flew down toward one of the branches of the oak tree. She […] Read More

Chester Chipmunk Needs Acorns

“Are you going to collect some acorns today?” Suzie asked her brother, Chester Chipmunk. “We are in the middle of autumn right now. You are going to run out of time.” “No,” said Chester. “Not today. I was going to play down at the pond today.” “Chester,” said Suzie. “I don’t understand you. You know […] Read More

Desert Kid’s Acorn Roast

“Is that an oak tree?” asked Desert Kid, pointing to an old tree at the edge of the desert. Desert Kid was taking a walk with his Father. They lived in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, which is Canada’s only desert area. “It is,” said Father. “And you know what an old oak tree has […] Read More


“Chester,” said Suzie Chipmunk. “We have to collect our acorns today.” “I wanted to play today,” said Chester Chipmunk. “Can’t it wait until tomorrow?” “No,” said Suzie. “It can’t. We have to do it today.” “Alright,” said Chester. “I guess it really can’t wait any longer.” Chester and Suzie went to the forest and spent […] Read More

Chester Chipmunk Collects Acorns

“What are you doing, Chester?” asked Suzie. “I’m collecting acorns,” said Chester. “Look at how many I have.” Suzie looked into the cap that her brother was holding out. “You sure do have lots,” said Suzie. “Are you going to be able to eat all of them?” “Eat them!” exclaimed Chester. “I don’t think so. […] Read More